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Experienced Productivity Coach & Advisor

Productivity performance tools, resources and coaching to elevate your personal and professional performance. 

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Productivity Consultant

Jesse is a certified productivity & organizational development coach. Coached more than 100's individuals. 

SMART / OKR Advisor

Expert advice on SMART & OKR goals for individual and team performance. You can't fix what you don't track.  

"In a world that's evolving at lightning speed, entrepreneurs and professionals are struggling to keep up. They are drowning themselves in inefficiency, they're tired and overwhelmed. Its time to take action! "
- Jesse J. Frye

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Individual Productivity

We help entrepreneurs and professionals take control of their productivity with tailored systems, tools, and processes. Our goal is to enable you to achieve your best by focusing on SMART goal setting, optimizing daily tasks, and enhancing overall efficiency.


Effective Delegation

 We empower leaders to master the art of delegation, ensuring that tasks are assigned effectively to the right team members. By improving your delegation skills, we help you streamline workflows, enhance team performance, and free up your time for strategic initiatives.


Better Time Management

We provide individuals and teams with the strategies and tools needed to manage their time effectively. Our approach helps you prioritize tasks, reduce overwhelm, and create a balanced schedule, ensuring you can focus on what matters most in your business or organization.

Who is our ideal client and how we help them achieve results?

Our individual and team services are specifically tailored to entrepreneurs and organizational leaders seeking to enhance both their business operations and personal well-being. By partnering with TheBusinessBlueprint, you will gain insights and strategies to improve efficiency, productivity, and balance. We offer actionable strategies that empower you to innovate, scale, and achieve unparalleled client satisfaction while also addressing personal challenges such as stress management, work-life balance, and continuous personal development.

Service Organizations

Whether you are the leader of a marketing agency, law firm, accounting firm or other service based organization, We have helped hundreds of organizations worldwide solve their biggest challenges and improve productivity and increase profitability.


Want to Improve Productivity and Performance of You and Your Team? 

Our founder, Jesse J. Frye conducts a specialized half-day workshop designed to enhance the productivity and performance of you and your organization. These session has three main objectives: 1) Pinpoint critical areas holding you back 2) Devise effective solutions to these challenges 3) Develop a clear, actionable plan for swift implementation. The workshop focuses on a thorough analysis of you and your organizations efficiency gaps and working together we will brainstorm solutions to incrementally make performance improvements.


  • 4-Hour Virtual Productivity Workshops to solve your biggest inefficiency either individually or across your entire organization. 

  • Full-Day Productivity and Performance Workshops with you and/or your team (up to 10 people) onsite at your office. 

  • Templates, Tools and Worksheets to takeaway and put your gameplan into action. 

  • Speaking and Group Engagements: Topics

    These are just a few samples of the topics Jesse speaks and facilitates on around the world.

    Peak Performance

    The biggest barrier to peak professional performance is poor time management. We will explore procrastination, priorization, remove distractions, overcommitment and inefficient processes in this exciting session. 

    SMART Teams

    Approximately 70% of business goals are not achieved and 92% of people do not achieve thier personal goals. This session is a deep dive into how creating and implementing effective SMART goals drives individual and organizational success.  

    Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

    75% of entrepreneurs and professionals have difficult delegating tasks. We will explore the WHY, which includes desire for control, lack of trust and the belief that "you" can complete tasks better than your team. 

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    Here's what my clients are saying.

    Hundreds of business owners, leaders and teams from around the world has experienced TheBusinessBlueprint magic.

    "Jesse's out-of-the-box thinking has yielded great benefits with our team. We all loved his facilitated sessions; they were a big hit. His unique perspective is unmatched."

    Pramod S. - CEO

    Atlanta, Georgia

    ''It is not an exaggeration to say that Jesse rescued our organization from impending implosion. He improved our team exponentially."

    Susan B. - Manager

    Omaha, Nebraska

    Meet Jesse J. Frye

    Jesse J. Frye is a prominent thought leader and certified productivity coach. Known for his straightforward, transparent communication and innovative insights, Jesse guides audiences and clients through the complexities of overcoming blocks to becoming high performing entrepreneurs and professionals. 

    Jesse's superpower is his ability to identify issues and problems inside of organizations and creatively develop effective solutions. He has empowered hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals across the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada, India, and Tunisia to leverage cutting-edge methods of individual and organizational performance. These strategies drive increased efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability in their businesses and organizations. 

    A veteran of the United States Coast Guard, Jesse utilizes his diverse experiences and inventive thinking to help entrepreneurs and professionals navigate the digital age, promoting a culture of continuous improvement and success.

  • Entrepreneur, Certified Productivity & Executive Coach.

  • Startup, Fortune 50, International Experience.

  • 3000+ hours of B2B Coaching Experience.

  • Former College Educator in Business

  • Jesse-River-Arts

    Unbeatable Guarantee

    We give you our honest word that, if you give us a chance, you're sure to be given our absolute best work. But If you feel that we fell short in any way, just let us know. We will work for free until we resolve the issue -- no hassle, no questions, no ifs, ands, or buts.

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