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Find and fix potential challenges before they become costly

TheBusinessBlueprint CX Assessment is a comprehensive fact-finding-mission aimed at pinpointing potential challenges and dealing with their underlying sources before they can cause customer experience issues.

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What is the 
CX Assessment?

TheBusinessBlueprint CX Assessment is your tool for identifying and addressing potential issues in the customer experience before they become a problem.

  • Insights help improve decision making

  • Higher efficiency and better visibility

  • Identify key areas that need to be addressed

  • Reduced cost and higher revenue potential

  • Highlights bottlenecks and weaknesses in sales, marketing and customer experience

  • Better Alignment on the Strategic KPIs and Communication

Optimize your customers for success.

Get a comprehensive view of your business and ensure you're on the path to success. The CX Assessment provides a 6-week comprehensive business analysis that pinpoints potential customer challenges and helps you tackle them from their root causes

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Uncover Customer Gaps and Friction Points

TheBusinessBlueprint CX Assessment will analyze your current issues, identify gaps and provide solutions you can immediately put into action. 

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TheBusinessBlueprint CX Assessment: What's Covered

Using our CX Customer Journey Framework, we will cover the essential areas of your business throughout the assessment. We will meet weekly and explore each area in depth through a series of questions to uncover gaps in your customer experience systems and processs. 


1. Financials & Goals

We need to know specifically what you are trying to accomplish in your business. We will assess your business goals so that your customer experience is aligned with those goals.  


2. Journey Identification

The second element of the CX Assessment is to do a Journey Identification, which includes mapping you current end-to-end customer journey. 


3. Customer Profile

Do you have a clearly documented customer profile? Are you attracting the right customer to your business? What is important to your customer , and how do they interact with your business.


4. Marketing Analysis

We will evaluate your existing marketing channels to better understand how your target customer learns about your brand, what the initial customer  experience. 


5. Customer Interviews

One of the most important elements of the customer experience, is well of course, your customer . We will conduct interviews with some of your past customer to evaluate their perspective.


6. Referral Systems

We will map your existing referral system, which includes how your customer hear about your business, the customer first touch with your business, how you move them through the process. 


7. Employee Experience

One of the critical components of your customer experience is your employees experience. We will meet with key stakeholders within your team to understand the internal experience. 


8. Meeting Management

We will evaluate both your internal and external meetings. Most meetings are ineffective and not efficient. We will work to improve your teams effectiveness with customer.


9. Customer Billing

Streamlining your billing and invoicing is one of the fastest ways to improve your customer experience with your business. We will evaluate your current billing process. 


10. Sales Process Analysis

Sales Analysis is the process of understanding how your customer are sold into your services. This is a critical friction point that often needs modification to improve your customer satisfaction.

Client Onbrding

11. Customer Onboarding

As you can imagine, your customer might be a little nervious about the decision that they made in hiring your business. A customer onboarding intersects your sales and service delivery and ensures that the customer experience is positive


12. Customer Communications

Are your team members spending hours in their inbox? Are they reactive, constantly responding to customer inquiries? Do you have a customer portal in place? How often are team members interrupted by customer?


13. Technology & Tools

We will evaluate your existing technology stack, including your CRM, any marketing software, time tracking, billing and invoicing, etc. The result will be a technology matrix for optimal results.


14. Customer Offboarding

Do you have a formal process in place to offboarding customer? How do you communicate with customer once you are finished working with them? Do you have an offboarding checklist?


15. Trust & Expertise

Do you have a system in place for soliciting and capturing testimonials or google reviews on an ongoing basis? (E.g. Do customer interviews and many of the talking points would likely become testimonial worthy.)

Get ahead of potential challenges

Don't wait for problems to arise—get ahead of them. In the CX Assessment, we'll help you uncover your customer experience gaps, so you can avoid costly issues that could disrupt revenue and customer experience.

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CXAssessment Deliverables

  • Week 1  - Kickoff: Problem Identification & Goals

  • Week 2 - Persona: Details of who you work with

  • Week 3 - Current State: Map your existing customer journey 

  • Week 4 - Gaps: Identify Gaps in your existing process

  • Week 5 - Friction Points:  Identify Customer Friction Points

  • Week 6 - Future State: Map your future-state customer journey

  • Final Deliverables Weeks 7 & 8 - Customer Persona, Comprehensive Customer Journey Impact Map and Action Plan. 

TheBusinessBlueprint 3-Step Process

Our 3-step process is designed to help business owners and their teams to identify gaps in their current customer experience and design solutions that are aligned with your business objective.


    Step 1 - Schedule a Consultation

    Let's talk about your goals, and how we can work together to improve your customer experience.  


    Step 2 - Assessment

    We start every engagement with a 6-week CX Assessment, this helps lead to better outcomes.


    Step 3: Accelerate Growth & Peace of Mind

    Retaining customers and attracting new ones can see a significant increase in revenue and give you peace of mind that you customers are happy. 

How the CX Assessment Helped

Our business had grown considerably over the last few years through acquisition, however, our customer experienced suffered. TheBusinessBlueprint was able to help us identify our customer journey, the gaps in our customer processes and supported us in implementing and putting our plan into action. 


Before working with TheBusinessBlueprint, we had done no customer follow-up, didn't have a clearly defined and executed onboarding and off-boarding process. We didn't even know what our customer satisfaction rating was, but now our goals and metrics are clear and it allows us to make adjustments quickly.


TheBusinessBlueprint Guarantee

We promise to you, if at any point in the first two weeks you decide you don't like working with us, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. Our goal is to deliver you results. We are on a mission to strengthen 1000 professional service-based businesses around the world and to build customer-centric cultures within those organizations to help them thrive and grow. 

Last Updated: 1/2023

Our Core Value

  • We Are Problem Solvers.

  • We Strive For Full Transparency.

  • We Believe In Freedom & Accountability.

  • Customer Success Is At The Root of Everything We Do.

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