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Unlock Your Small Business Potential with Expert Coaching in Greenville, SC.

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Certified Business Coach: Jesse J. Frye

Transform Your Greenville, SC Small Business with Tailored Coaching

We help small businesses solve complex issues, implement proven growth strategies to scale faster. 

Our Coaching & Advisory Services

Welcome to TheBusinessBlueprint, your trusted partner for small business success in Greenville, South Carolina. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, our expert small business coaching and marketing coaching services are designed to help you achieve your goals.


    Small Business Coaching

    Looking for a business coach in near you? Our dedicated coaches provide personalized guidance to help you navigate the challenges of running your small business.


    Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

    We offer customized marketing strategies for small businesses that are designed to increase your visibility and drive growth. Learn how to effectively reach your target audience with our expert advice. Learn more


    Business Coaching for Veteran Entrepreneurs

    As a veteran-owned business, we understand the unique challenges faced by veteran entrepreneurs. Our coaching services are tailored to support your journey, ensuring your business thrives.

Battle-tested and proven results

We have worked with more than one-hundred small business owners in many different industries from legal, high-tech, service, software, non-profit, education and have worked with companies across the United States, Canada, Germany and Australia. 


# of Businesses Coached


Average Profit Margin for Clients


Hours of Certified Coaching

4.8 stars from over 100 clients around the world

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Our mission is to empower small businesses and veteran-owned businesses with the strategies and insights needed to thrive in today‚Äôs competitive market.

Elevate Your Small Business with Comprehensive Coaching Solutions.

At TheBusinessBlueprint, we understand that small business success hinges on effective marketing, streamlined operations, and a productive team. Our tailored coaching services are designed to enhance these critical areas, providing you with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in Asheville's competitive market. Discover how we can help you improve marketing performance, increase operational efficiency, and boost team productivity.

Improve Marketing Potential

Unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts with our expert coaching. We'll help you develop targeted strategies tailored to your small business, ensuring you reach the right audience and maximize your return on investment.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Streamline your business operations with our comprehensive coaching services. Our experts will identify inefficiencies and implement best practices, helping you save time and resources while boosting overall productivity.

Improve Team Productivity

Enhance your team's performance with our personalized coaching solutions. We provide actionable insights and techniques to foster collaboration, motivation, and efficiency, driving your small business towards greater success.


Let's solve your biggest challenge now!

As a Certified Executive, Business, and Productivity Coach, my superpower is uncovering deep-rooted issues that hinder performance and productivity. With over 4,000 hours of coaching experience, I've empowered one entrepreneur to scale her business from $180K to $2M in just 18 months. He has worked with businesses all over the United States, Germany, Australia and Canada. 


Jesse J. Frye

North Carolina resident, U.S. Coast Guard Veteran, Entrepreneur, College Faculty member and Community Leader. Jesse believes that small business owners keep communities thriving. 

Business & Marketing Coach to Elevate Your Business.

Greenville, South Carolina

Looking for a business coach near you? Our dedicated coaches provide personalized guidance to help you navigate the challenges of running a small business.


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